The best way to find out how AlgoDynamix adds value is to experience it.

AlgoDynamix’ Windows of Opportunity provide its clients with the time advantage for critical thinking and deliberation in their decision making. They allow all market participants to take stock of significant market opportunities to determine how best to execute their prepared strategies.

We would like to share a handful of previous directional alert pairs (windows of opportunity) to help you experience, after the fact, how your portfolio decisions and outcomes might have been different … if only …

The approach is to map the alerts noted on the page to the price movements of the asset shown on any available financial market monitoring platform e.g. Yahoo! Finance.  You might explore how they correlate with the movements on the day of, and within a week after, the issuance of the start alert and simulate a what you would have done with your then current strategy, as if you had executed then. Your comparative would then be what you actually did at the time. Please note that the start alerts do not tell you anything beyond the fact that a window is very likely to open very soon, and subsequently, the end alert only indicates that the window will close very soon. What you need to do in between is to execute your strategy or not, as you deem fit.

This tool helps answer the question – I know what I want to do in a given scenario, but how do I know when that has arrived?

Real-time alert issuance is normally accompanied by an indicator of, and time-frame for, a likely movement.

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Would your decisions have been different if you had received these in real time back then?

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