Xin Management

The Big Data Specialist

Xin Management’s USE™ model has successfully assisted many enterprises to make the most of big data and data analytics. Some of our clients have undertaken a complete journey with us, from Understanding through to Exploitation, while others have used our expertise in specific areas. The benefits of the USE™ model are :

Understand :

Xin Management assists you, through workshops, to understand the big data / big data analytics, and what you want it to deliver. The results of the workshops are a clear vision with the mission being set out.

Set-Up :

The successful exploitation of Big data / big data analytics often requires a change in the data management / storage within the enterprise. This change may be beneficial. For example, we have worked with clients to reduce their total costs for data management from USD 22,000 per terabyte per year to USD 200.

It is important to set up the right IT environment to accommodate, process, and access the data. This includes research, testing and production environments to handle real time streams, honing the analytics, accommodating security, and accessing data over the web.

There are many technologies and services available. In our experience, a hybrid of in house and external is often the right mix to deliver the vision in a sustainable, profitable, efficient, and economic manner. The tools, security, data transfer, and knowledge transfer to your in-house teams are also required as part of this set-up.


The USE™ model enables enterprises to get immediate business value from their investment. We have the capacity, capability and a track record to deliver analysis from our offsite teams, with quality guaranteed and managed on site. Having achieved the benefits of set-up, exploiting the data begins the delivery of your vision.

Predictive Analysis is an aggressive discipline with new techniques based on current research frequently being applied. Xin Management will use those techniques for your benefit and transfer the knowledge to you. The innovative data analytic capabilities include visualisation, complex event processing, rule engines, natural language query, mobile analytics, and gamification.

Internal staff are not the only consumers of the output. The analysis itself may be monetised and delivered to your clients.